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Publié par Moicani - L'Odéonie


When you mentioned George Harrison, it shocked me into the realization that it's been already five years since he died, and it still seems like it just happened. Wasn't he a pretty strong spiritual influence on you?

Oh, yeah, and I on him. The generation that made the music of the 60s, we came out of very common backgrounds. Martin Lewis, the great Beatles historian, said that I had more social, musical, and spiritual contact with those four guys than any of my generation.

It's curious, you know, George would be the first to say, "I've only dropped my body. What we return to when we drop the body is what we always were." He and I had an equal passion for reading, discussing and discovering truths in Vedic science and also looking to place those truths as awakening and wakening sounds in our music, [so] that our generation could be encouraged to find the door within.

George influenced me tremendously in many social ways, in fact, because he was very serious about study and meditation and I was a little frivolous when I was younger, treating it in a gypsy fashion, and he influenced me there. His own love of sitar and my love of sitar, we were very close in introducing Indian instruments to our music, too.



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