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David Lynch Nihilistic Delusion

David Lynch painting
David Lynch: Bébé électrique en apesanteur 1986 Dessin à la crale

David Lynch painting
Paysage no 1 (1981)

David Lynch painting
Formes embrumées no 2 (1981). Dessin à la crale

David Lynch painting
Figure no 1(1981). Dessin à la crale

David Lynch painting
Formes embrumées no 3 (1981). Dessin à la crale

Lynch`s career as an artist started with painting, attending the Corcoran  School of Art, the Boston Museum School, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Art. He often refers to his early filmic works as attempts to 'make his paintings move'. Even if these receive understandably less attention than his movies, he has established his unique style here as well, for he deliberately avoids references to painters he admires (unlike his films where he refers to Edward Hopper and Francis Bacon for example). Surfaces have always been Lynch`s obsession, so he often literally works with the canvas by inserting holes or placing little objects on top of it. He likes to combine image and text and always creates non-abstract works, mostly in dark, 'muddy' colours to create a rather calm atmosphere with a touch of absurd humour.If one were to situate his paintings somewhere in the context of surrealism, it`d rather be close to Magritte`s absurd minimalism than Dalì`s dreamscapes. 
A couple of Lynch`s paintings are included in the coffee-table book 'Images' (Hyperion), which is out of print at present.

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