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Publié par Moicani - L'Odéonie




Down and down she goes 
Our, Amanda Jones 
I said down and down and down and down 
She'd look really lovely at home 
Til somebody gonna come up and ask her 
To live happily ever after, Miss Amanda Jones 

On and on she goes 
Little Miss Amanda Jones 
I said on and on and on and on 
Just watch her as she grow 
Don't wanna say it very obviously 
But she's losing her nobility, Miss Amanda Jones 

Hey girl don't you realize 
The money invested in you 
Hey girl you just got to find 
Someone who'll really pull your family through 

Up and up she goes 
Our amanda jones 
I said up and up and up and up 
She looks quite delightfully stoned 
She's the darling of the discotheque crowd 
Of her lineage she's rightfully proud, miss amanda jones

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